four years is not a very long time to wait before revisiting something but i don't think you understand the depth of the pain this manga caused all of us

Oh! oh goodness sorry! D: Yes yes- life stuff DEFINITELY comes first. <3 I miss the posts but am happy to wait for however long it takes. :)

dw anon i’m messin with ya (i mean yeah i’m dealin with life stuff but i’m not mad)

rest assured we’ll be getting off the ground again shortly however!

We miss the angst and drunken commentary!


your affection is greatly appreciated though :3

I love everything about this blog.

holy crap thanks for reminding us it even exists

stand by y’all

you’ve probably already guessed but we’re on hiatus again, i’m graduating this weekend and then moving out of my apartment which means unimportant casual commitments like this blog are gettin sidelined

enjoy ur summer

This is a really nice spread. See how I can actually tell what the fuck is going on? Even with the giant weird heartless chess piece ship?

My heart did a little skip, it’s like i’m reading card captor sakura again and everything is okay.

It’s too late to try and seem competent and clever, you threw that away when the entirety of shurano happened. THE BOND OF TRUST HAS BEEN BROKEN.

Kurogane has great plans why does no one listen to them. Honestly, what is stopping them - okay yes, plot obviously. BUT, seriously.

then again I really like piffle can we just stay here forever and pretend that acid tokyo never happens.

Also: take a shot.

what does this even have to do with piffle

what does this have to do with anything

i just like color pictures, sorry everyone.